In 1965, after serving in the military, earning an engineering degree from Lawrence Tech University and working for the Ford Motor Company for 18 years, Frank Pellegata took a risk and started Pellegata Landscape Design with one old pick-up truck, one wheelbarrow, and his wife Angela, who offered her complete support, physical help and financial discipline.

Frank combined hand-drawn designs, old-world craftmanship and a passion to seek out the finest trees and plants available to create exceptional outdoor spaces. He prided himself on knowing where to get the “special” trees and plants. Angela insisted on perfect edging, watering and a clean sweep at the completion of each job. Soon, as Frank recalled, “for every one job, we’d get three.”

Pellegata Landscape Design continued to grow and prosper. Frank’s son Steve remembers driving around in the truck and helping out since he was five. Out of school, Steve started working full time while going to college in the evenings. Today, Steve and his team blend the same old-world artistry (hand-drawn and computer rendered) with gorgeous trees and plants, meticulous hardscape installation and the attention to detail that produces custom outdoor spaces that are beautiful, functional and enduring, like their own homes. And like his dad, Steve still knows where to find those “special” trees and plants.